What is YWAM Phoenix?

YWAM Vision - Our vision is to champion young people through training and discipleship.


To Champion young people through training and discipleship.

To Serve alongside the local church and ministries.

To Fulfill the Great Commission.


To help Redeem, Rebuild and Restore The Valley of the Sun, to be a 
spring that is never dry, a well watered garden, so that many cultures 
and peoples can share in the planting, watering and Fulfilling of the 
Great Commission.

Preparing the Church in the last days to be fully equipped to serve others with a selfless love in full surrender to the King of Kings, willing to minister to the brokenhearted, the captives, the prisoner, the hopeless, the widows and orphans, the poor and the down trodden, the rich, the lonely, the forgotten, the free and the slave, the voiceless, and the unborn. Laying down their lives even unto death. To help in unifying the Body of Christ to Fulfill the Great Commission.